Upside Down Umbrella Party

Upside Down Umbrella Party. I ventured out to Royal Roads University to take some pictures of Hatley Castle one fall day, and found a bunch of overturned umbrellas, presumably from a party the night before. It was quite cool as they were all clear umbrellas that had just been rained on. Turned out to be very curious. View the larger version on Flickr

Space Needle before the Storm

Space Needle before the Storm. Growing up near Toronto, ON, and the CN Tower, the Seattle Space Needle isn't all that impressive from a size stand point, but what is impressive is how Seattlites have made it part of their culture. the SeaHawks 12th man flag flies from it all the time, and whenever there is fireworks, the Space Needle looks like it's about to explode as the fireworks shoot out of it sideways. This shot was taken at the end of a nice day as the clouds rolled in to bring that beloved Seattle rain. :) View the larger version on Flickr

Good Night Toronto

Good Night Toronto. Ah, my home-town. This shot taken from the Docks in Toronto of the famous CN Tower and the rest of the Toronto Skyline. Shot this during the summer. I would wager this place is getting quite cold these days. View the larger version on Flickr

No Trains

No Trains. Ballard, in Seattle, some pretty nice locks to get, by boat, from lake Union to the Puged Sound. This shot taken from the Botanical Gardens on the Comodore Park side just popped with the bridge up and the yellow sunset (yes there is sun in Seattle!) behind it. This is another old shot of mine, but recently re-edited. View the larger version on Flickr

Fremont Art

Fremont Art. This is a really old shot of mine, but it's always been one of my favorites. I haven't put it online yet, and I wanted to change that. If someone knows who the artist is (ABZ?) please post it in the comments, I'd love to compliment the artist, as this is an awesome wall! View the larger version on Flickr

Dead End

Dead End. Over at the Heritage Acres Farm, they have a lot of cool old buildings. This is a water wheel near the small pond, if you go much further than this building, you'll be IN the pond. The color of the building and blue of the sky really caught my eye, which is the reason I stopped and snapped this one. View the larger version on Flickr

Takes a Lickin', Keeps a Tickin'

Takes a Lickin', Keeps a Tickin'. Some trucks are never meant to die, like this one! It was hosting a folk band at a Halloween festival. These old trucks are so unique, with their rounded fenders and I'm sure with this guy, ever dent and bump has a story behind it. View the larger version on Flickr

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus. Heritage Acres on Vancouver Island (Saanich) hosts an "Enchanted Halloween" every year leading up to Halloween night. This pumpkin was on the witch's house where kids were supposed to go to trick or treat. Caught my eye, and turned out rather cool. View the larger version on Flickr

Stairway to ...

Stairway to .... Walking around Dublin Ireland, there was so much interesting detail in the steps and pathways. This one path that caught my attention and when I checked it out, it was less than interesting (a school field) but the path itself left intrigue. View the larger version on Flickr


Crabbing. Out in Sidney, BC, there is a long fishing pier, and this guy happened to be all alone today crabbing. What's interesting is this guy also taught me how to tell the difference between a male and female crab. Can you do that? View the larger version on Flickr

On the Board Walk

On the Board Walk. Put my camera right down on the Sydney Pier on Vancouver Island to take this one. I did a previous shot like this with my phone for my Project365, edited with Instagram and wanted to do it again with my Canon5DMII. I think it turned out just as good, if not a little better. What do you think? View the larger version on Flickr

Old, Twisted, but Still Strong

Old, Twisted, but Still Strong by Sean Daniel

This old tree on the Trinity College grounds was standing center of a giant patch of grass. Proud, like it owned hte place. Bold like it knew it belonged. and Strong, remembering what it had survived to get here. I'd love to see this tree in the fall before it dropped its leaves, and I'd love to see it in full bloom. It's strong contrast against the blue sky and deep green grass really caught my eye. View the larger version on Flickr!

Morning of Glory

Morning of Glory. The main gates to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland is very impressive. You walk through these castle-like walls and enter into this giant open green space with this spire in the center. In December, the sun is so low in the sky, everything gets that morning light and everything just looks amazing. I was just another lemming walking through the gates to school in the morning. View the larger version on Flickr

Chinese Stair Master

Chinese Stair Master. When I "hiked" on the Great Wall, it was like doing a giant stairmaster. I use FitBit and it said that day that I climbed 176 flights of stairs, that's 1760 feet! This image shows one of the massive stair masters that I climbed, I walked down and then started up. The challenging part is it was soooo hot, and the only way to cool down was in the little huts, so you had to climb in the heat, and then recover in the houe before you attempted the next set. I probably shouldn't have warn jeans! View the larger version on Flickr

Half Fogged In

Half Fogged In. A few weeks ago when I was walking in the Inner Harbour of Victoria, BC, the fog was just pouring off the Juan De Fuca Straight into the Inner Harbour. Amazingly, there was a slight breeze from the north east, so it was keeping the fog from fully filling the harbour. I'd imagine all flights to Seattle are cancelled, and all flights to Victoria (by float plane of course) would be fine. Just another day in Paradise! View the larger version on Flickr

Blown Away!

Blown Away!. On Grafton St in Dublin, Ireland, lots of street performers gathered to try to take a few dollars from the christmas shoppers that would wonder by. I kept finding myself drawn to this guy. He would be in this position for hours, maybe folding up his umbrella or crossing his left over his right leg. The only thing I could figure was he never moved his right foot/leg, so perhaps there is a stake that goes into the ground, up his leg and provides a seat and backrest. What do you think? View the larger version on Flickr

Back in Time

Back in Time. The original Dublin Castle had some long reaching walls, at least after it extended a few times. This is a door on the original wall which still exists (not so oldly on Castle St.). I took this shot with both my iPhone & Instagram as wel as with my Canon 5DMII, so this is the 5DMII version. I've edited them similarly and named them the same, but they are slightly different pictures! View the larger version on Flickr

Minor Repairs to Power

Minor Repairs to Power. This building on the far side of River Liffey that I was unable to walk to easily, just looked so powerful to me. I twas both sadening and heartening that this building had scafolding on it. Sadening because it's such a powerful building it seems like it shouldn't need that. Heartening because the Irish are maintaining the power of the buildings! View the larger version on Flickr

Still Standing

Still Standing. This is the casle of Dublin, Ireland. The turrit in the center is part of the original castle, but the building connected to the left and the church on the right are fairly new, although they seem to still fit in. I'm actually standing on the castle helicopter pad, which used to be the "Black Pool" or "Dublina" in Irish (whcih is where Dublin got it's name). View the larger version on Flickr

Early Morning Trolly Ride

Early Morning Trolly Ride. In Ireland, I got to take the LUAS to the office, which is an electric powered train/tram thing that runs into the city and goes out east. It was surprisingly on schedule and always fun to ride. What got me about this shot was the lighting and the reflection in the train View the larger version on Flickr

The Other side

The Other side. Late last year I made it over to Dublin, Ireland. There are plenty of bridges over the River Liffey, and this one caught my eye. The sky was cloudy and with the bridge, made for some really cool reflections. As a side note, December in Ireland is a very short day. The good news is the sun-light for photography is almost always that perfect dawn/dusk time of day as the sun doesn't get very high in the sky at all! View the larger version on Flickr

Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden. This neat little place is inside of the Forbidden City in Beijing and was really hard to find. There was surprisingly nobody in this little outdoor seating area. The texture again was surprising, but yet awesome. So much attention to detail even in the most remote locations of the city. View the larger version on Flickr

It Keeps Going, and Going, ...

It Keeps Going, and Going, .... The Great Wall keeps going and going and going, just like the energizer bunnies. Made me wonder if energizer bunnies created it all those years ago. The structure is amazing! Right down to the water drainage, and the cool huts where you have to stop to get a break from the sun. View the larger version on Flickr

All Tricked out and No Where to Go

All Tricked out and No Where to Go. While wondering in "The Bund" in Shanghai China, I came across this beast of a car, all tricked out, but just resting. Definitely caught my eye along with all the other by-passers. Made me want to play some Forza! View the larger version on Flickr

Long way back

Long way back. In May I was fortunate enough to visit the Great Wall of China (which in China they just call The Great Wall). According to my FitBit, I walked about 7km (which is 3.5km there and back) of the wall. It was smokin hot (like 35 degC) for hiking in jeans and a t-shirt. The Mutianyu section of the wall is touristy, but apparently less crowded than other parts. As a result I ended up getting some shots with no other tourists in there. Shown here is a section of the wall that was renovated, without tourists! View the larger version on Flickr

1000s of years

1000s of years. It's amazing to me what man can build, and it's even more amazing to me what mother nature can take back. This is the roof of one of the buildings in the Forbidden City, at one time pristeen and free of dirt, now contains grass that simply decided to grow there. Mother Nature for the win! View the larger version on Flickr

A River Inside a City

A River Inside a City. Once inside the Forbidden City, the initial square at the front had a river running through it. It was full of weeds but that added to the coolness of the river. I was fortunate to get an angle with so few people in it, there were 1000s of people in this square. View the larger version on Flickr

Strong Defences, Great Beauty

Strong Defences, Great Beauty. When visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, my taxi driver dropped me of almost close to the back of the city, he was trying to explain why, but in Chinese. It turned out to be a blessing as I ended up with some great shots from walking around the outside, like this one, that I would have otherwise not seen View the larger version on Flickr

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail. Captured at the Forbidden City in Beijing China, it amazed me how much attention to detail there was. If you're not looking at this one as large as possible, you should and just check out the attention to detail the workers did for their emporer. View the larger version on Flickr

Streets Aglow

Streets Aglow. Again in The Bund in Shanghai, China, I got a great dusk shot as the street lights started coming on. Kind of makes me feel like there is a little fire at ground level. Love shooting at this time of night in a downtown scene View the larger version on Flickr

Shanghai at Night

Shanghai at Night. While wondering in "The Bund" in Shanghai China, I decided to take a long exposure. I didn't have tripod with me so I used a ledge to stable the camera and took a 32 second exposure. I was super happy how it turned out. I can't believe the people stayed mostly still for 32 seconds! View the larger version on Flickr

Kinsol Trestle

Kinsol Trestle. The Kinsole Trestle, now part of the Canadian Hiking Trails, is the largest train trestle in the commonwealth (and Canada) and one of the largest in the world. Sitting on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, it makes for a great little easy hike and visit. View the larger version on Flickr