Japanese Water Walkway

Japanese Water Walkway
Last year when I visited Butchart Gardens, I was shooting in RAW (as I usually do when going on photo shoots) and going back to the photos I took in 2009, I decided to try this one as a single shot HDR.  I really loved how the water turned out here, reflecting the flowers.  The Japanese Gardens are just so still, if you can get there when there aren't too many people.  I spent most of the day waiting for people to filter through and snapped this closer to the end of the day.  View the larger size on Flickr.
Taken in Saanich, BC, Canada

The Red, White & Pink

Red, White and Pink

Looking back on almost my entire 2005 photo collection as I prepared to get ready for 2006, I made a resolution to stop shooting flowers.  I had too many and they started to all look the same.  However, a trip to Butchart Gardens in the spring of 2009 I broke this resolution, because well, at a garden, what are you going to take photos of?

I actually modified this to be to take only pictures of interesting photos of flowers.  Similar to this flower posted almost a year ago, it’s interesting.  So I recently went back to those Butchart photos and found this one that really jumped out at me with the red, white and pink (not blue, sorry USA), and the fence behind it.

I still need to get back to Butchart to see the roses, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it this year. As always, you can view the larger version on Flickr.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Old Red


I stopped in Cook St. Villiage the other day and there happened to be a few nicely maintained old cars.  Not necessarily unusual, just strange to see more than one.  This red truck actually caught my eye before the Audi TT behind it (I love Audi).  I quickly snapped this truck parked on the side of the street and decided to see what it looked like in HDR.  Processed the single-shot HDR I found I had a lot of noise.  I managed to clean that up in Photoshop and Noiseware and I’m super happy with the end result.  View the larger version on Flickr.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The Governor’s House


The Governor's house in Victoria BC is one of the more beautiful gardens that's open to the public from dusk until dawn.  I ventured there waiting for my wife and was able to snap a few nice HDRs.  I'm learning that HDR isn't really the best thing for flowers, but it does buildings really really well.  I like how the building pops out of the flowers on this one.  View the larger version on Flickr.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Here Comes The Rain Again


While talking a walk on Dallas Road, the rain clouds exploded from the west stretching over the sky.  I really like how they look like they are just exploding out of a central point.  Often the west coast isn’t known for it’s sky’s, so it’s nice to see some cloud action out here.  See full size on Flickr.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada