Strong Defences, Great Beauty

Strong Defences, Great Beauty. When visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, my taxi driver dropped me of almost close to the back of the city, he was trying to explain why, but in Chinese. It turned out to be a blessing as I ended up with some great shots from walking around the outside, like this one, that I would have otherwise not seen View the larger version on Flickr

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail. Captured at the Forbidden City in Beijing China, it amazed me how much attention to detail there was. If you're not looking at this one as large as possible, you should and just check out the attention to detail the workers did for their emporer. View the larger version on Flickr

Streets Aglow

Streets Aglow. Again in The Bund in Shanghai, China, I got a great dusk shot as the street lights started coming on. Kind of makes me feel like there is a little fire at ground level. Love shooting at this time of night in a downtown scene View the larger version on Flickr

Shanghai at Night

Shanghai at Night. While wondering in "The Bund" in Shanghai China, I decided to take a long exposure. I didn't have tripod with me so I used a ledge to stable the camera and took a 32 second exposure. I was super happy how it turned out. I can't believe the people stayed mostly still for 32 seconds! View the larger version on Flickr

Kinsol Trestle

Kinsol Trestle. The Kinsole Trestle, now part of the Canadian Hiking Trails, is the largest train trestle in the commonwealth (and Canada) and one of the largest in the world. Sitting on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, it makes for a great little easy hike and visit. View the larger version on Flickr