Seattle, Redmond & all of King County Wind Storm

As you may or may not know, the West coast just got SLAMMED with a wind storm in the past few days. I've just turned on my computer after 33 hours without power. That's peanuts compared to some folks though. I know Issaquah is still without power.

Yesterday my wife and I took a drive through 6 neighbouring towns to see if we could find a cell signal, and here are the photos from our adventure.
(Click on the pictures to see a larger version)

This shot taken on the street next to mine, in Redmond.

This shot taken on 236th Ave, heading from my place down to 202.

Further down 236th Ave.

Almost at 202, still on 236th.

This shot driving up Union Hill Road.

Following a BMW up Union Hill.

Past 208th on Union Hill Road is where it was hit the worst.

At the top of Union Hill, the power cables were spewn everywhere.

So as you can see, I'm surprised it only took 33 hours to get power back here. The wind storm was crazy. I lucky did not sustain any damage to my home or belongings or persons, the closest it came was a house in my neighbourhood had a window knocked out, and part of a fence.

I'm happy that it's over.

Poor Palm

Hopefully you're not bored of the snow pictures, I'm still getting a kick out of them. I remember looking up and seeing this poor palm tree, covered in snow...

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Green backdrop, white car

Going through my Victoria pictures, I found another interesting one of the beginnings of the snow storm...

Taken Victoria, BC, Canada.

Snow at the Empress

During the dump of snow this past week. The Empress got it's fair share too.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Victoria Snow

The parliament buildings in Victoria's snow storm. Today we got about 2" of snow, the last time it snowed this much was 1996!

Just outside the parliament buildings, the tribute to war hero's

Chico was obviously not having fun in the snow. He was ready for the heat of the appartment.

Taken Victoria, BC, Canada

Jump! Jump!

Show her a trampoline and she'll jump

Taken on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

The Empress

While we're on the subject of night shots, here is a 10 second exposure with the camera sitting on top of a garbage can of the famous Empress Hotel.

Taken Victoria, BC.

Fall is Here!

Fall is here, my favourite time of year, not only for taking pictures, but also weather wise.

Taken Seattle, WA.


Remember those days when you could just take off in Daddy's arms?

Taken Seattle, WA


Just a heads up that I've been snapping the photos, but Picasa apparently doesn't work with this Beta version of Blogger. This photo is a shot of a friends cuty.

Taken Seattle, WA


These pool balls struck me as a lucky shot!

Taken Seattle, WA


The escape artist known as Buster is safely guarded by my friends.

Taken Seattle, WA Posted by Picasa

Last Rays

I caught this flower searching for the last rays of the sun.

Taken Seattle, WA Posted by Picasa

Rusted Water

In the theme of fire hydrants, does this one still work?

Taken San Francisco, CA Posted by Picasa

Race the Sprinklers

Dodging between sprinklers, I took this photo while walking Chico near my house.

Taken Seattle, WA Posted by Picasa

No Rain

Believe it or not, but it doesn't rain much in the summer of Seattle, this weed is normally dark green, but doesn't have enough of the go-juice.

Taken Seattle, WA Posted by Picasa


This Grandfather is native to Hawaii and was teaching his grand-kids to jump through the waterfall.

Taken Maui, Hawaii Posted by Picasa

Spiderman's Train

I found it. I won't lie to you, I saw this train and took a second glimps for Spiderman (from Spiderman 2). Alas, he did not come to save the day, and there was no evil menace for him to fight.

Taken Chicago, IL Posted by Picasa


The Blue Angels are in Seattle for the final day of Sea Fair for the airshow.

Taken Seattle, WA Posted by Picasa



Taken Bellevue, WA Posted by Picasa