Un-doing Mom’s Work

Un-doing Mom's Work

Mom rolled up this little girls pants so she could get her feet wet in the water.  She wasn’t happy so she was in the process of un-rolling them when I snapped this.

Taken at Thetis Lake, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Sailing, Despite the Lack of Wind

No Wind Sailing

This is an old photo, but one of my favorites.  This guy was attempting to sail on Lake Union, in Seattle by Gas Works park (shown in the back).  Struggling to catch all the wind he can.

Taken in Seattle, WA, United States.

Cornelius Apts. Overshadowed

Cornelius Apts Overshadowed

In Seattle this past weekend staying at an apartment in Belletown.  Here is a view of my two favorite buildings downtown Seattle.

Taken in Belletown, Seattle, WA, United States

Clos Saragnat visits Seattle


Yesterday I talked about being on assignment.  Well the assignment was to make this bottle look like it appeared somewhere in Seattle.  Out of the photos that I snapped I think this one turned out to be my favorite. 

Taken in Seattle, WA, United States

Empty Pike’s

Pike's Hall

While out on assignment, I wondered through Pike’s Place Market late Sunday evening when it was almost completely closed down.  I have never seen this place so empty.  I snapped this shot at the far end of the market with a few stragglers hanging back.

Taken at Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, WA, United States