Neglect. This set of tracks runs through Victoria, but ever since they stopped the train because they are replacing the bridge at the end of the tracks. These tracks are getting rusty, and neglected, leaves are not removed. IMO, makes for some great shots! View the larger version on Flickr

The last straggly hairs on bald Mountain

The last straggly hairs on bald Mountain. This isn't actually a mountain, and it's not actually bald. But when I got to this section, with the moss covering the ground and these arbutus trees sticking out like straggly hair, I couldn't help but laugh a little as I took this shot. View the larger version on Flickr


Destiny. My short walk on the weekend resulted in a lot of shots that I like. This one was one of the paths I walked down. I can't say why the top of this hill has so few trees, when the one next to it (taller) clearly does. So I'm not above the tree line (if I was I'd also be above the fog!) but it's kind of a neat aura up here with the trees all spread out, and the fog closing you in. View the larger version on Flickr

The path to Enlightenment

The path to Enlightenment. Paths, fog and of course Arbutus trees! what could go wrong? I climbed up this mountain in hopes to get above the fog, but it was just too high, and I got nothing but foggy shots. Having said that, I think I got some good ones, what do you think? View the larger version on Flickr

Hello Mountain

Hello Mountain. If you have the chance to take the Washington State Ferry from Victoria, BC to Anecortes, WA, and that day happens to be as clear as this one, be sure to stand on the front of the boat, beacuse you round one island, and BOOM, Mount Baker just hits you in the face with it's beauty. View the larger version on Flickr

Just Peeking

Just Peeking. Again, from 2009, I shot this on the top of Mount Haliakala in Maui, Hawaii. Getting up at 2am to watch the sunrise and then bike down the side of the mountain through 7 eco-systems was definitely a great experience that I want to do exactly once. And I have done it! View the larger version on Flickr

Longing for the Day

Longing for the Day. I haven't had time to get out and take as many new pictures as I've wanted, so I started going through some old shots. This one caught my eye, remembering back in 2009 when I went to Maui, Hawaii. Just the relaxation of sitting on the beach watching the sun go down. How I long for that day again! View the larger version on Flickr