These pool balls struck me as a lucky shot!

Taken Seattle, WA


The escape artist known as Buster is safely guarded by my friends.

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Last Rays

I caught this flower searching for the last rays of the sun.

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Rusted Water

In the theme of fire hydrants, does this one still work?

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Race the Sprinklers

Dodging between sprinklers, I took this photo while walking Chico near my house.

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No Rain

Believe it or not, but it doesn't rain much in the summer of Seattle, this weed is normally dark green, but doesn't have enough of the go-juice.

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This Grandfather is native to Hawaii and was teaching his grand-kids to jump through the waterfall.

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Spiderman's Train

I found it. I won't lie to you, I saw this train and took a second glimps for Spiderman (from Spiderman 2). Alas, he did not come to save the day, and there was no evil menace for him to fight.

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The Blue Angels are in Seattle for the final day of Sea Fair for the airshow.

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Balancing Bike

Walking around Victoria, this guy came flying out of the woods, balanced on the rock, and took off. I was lucky I had my camera at the ready!

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