Surfing my photo collection last night, I found this shot I took a few years back.

Taken on the Atlantic on Caribean cruise.

Hungry Woodpecker



With a knocking sound. Chico ran up to the bedroom and started barking at the window. Looking out I found this woodpecker searching for food. I managed to creep within 6 feet of him before he took off.

Taken near Seattle, WA, USA.

Power Lines



Most of Seattle runs on electric bus systems. While waiting for the sun to set, I managed to snap a few that I liked.

Taken in Seattle, WA, USA.

Amazon.com ... Straight Up!




Walking around the Amazon.com building, I managed to snap a few shots before security booted us. The last is through the bars as we were allowed to take pictures from outside the gates.

Taken in Seattle, WA, USA.

Tiger Mountain Panoramic


While relaxing on the top of Tiger Mountain after a 2 mile hike up, I managed to snap off a set of photos that stitched together well. This is a 360 panoramic. so the hill on the left is actually also the hill on the right.

Taken on top of Tiger Mountain, Issaquah, WA, USA.

Crazy Rope Swinger


So, as it turns out, I wasn't ready for this guy to swing out from under the train bridge. I had my polorized filter on, the ISO was set all wrong, but I manged to snap this photo anyways...

Taken near Kanasket State Park, WA, USA.

Calm Stream


I found this calm stream with the reflections of the trees in Kanasket State Park.

Taken in Kanasket State Park, WA, USA.

Dragon Boats


These Dragon boats were resting after their big race on Greenlake

Taken in Seattle, WA, USA.

Land Claim


This Viking and his friends from the Orient were spotted claiming land near Greenlake.

Taken in Seattle, WA, USA.

Rusty Reflections


This weekend I headed down to Kanaset State Park with a few friends. Just outside the park there was this train bridge. Placing my camera on the rail, I managed to snap this neat reflection.

Taken Kanasket State Park, WA, USA.



After the first set of fireworks, Lucas was pretty freaked out, and got some soothing rubbin'

Taken in Carnation, WA, USA.

Preparing the Show


Dave take's fireworks seriously as he sets up for the show before it gets too dark.

Taken in Carnation, WA, USA.

Happy 4th of July




The firework show yesterday was quite spectacular, and I managed to snap about 100 photos. Here are the three I like the best.

Taken Carnation, WA, USA.

Public Market


I try to stay away from the market on weekends in the summer because of how crouded it is. But with guests in town, the best I could do was point out the market and wait in the street. I snapped this one waiting for them to watch the flying fish.

Taken Seattle, WA, USA.

Squares and Circles


These two buildings reflected the clouds behind me as well as standing out as an interesting shape.

Taken, Seattle, WA, USA.