That's a Big Rock!

That's a Big Rock!. The absolute coolest thing about Rio De Janerio was the build up of the city between all these crazy mountains. This one was breath-taking at sunset, as the sun just hit the wall of buildings and the mountains, and it reflected perfectly in the lagoon below it. What is crazy is I think the cement pillars in the mountain are there to prevent the rocks at the top from falling down. I wonder what building insurance goes for under that thing? View the larger version on Flickr

Caught in the Fly Trap

Caught in the Fly Trap. As I mentioned earlier, the street art really got to me in Rio. So colourful, and awesome. I actually saw a video on the World Cup, that featured all the other talents that Brazil has created, and one was this street art. They pay people to do this stuff to prevent tagging. Amazing. This one looked like a fly stuck in a venus fly trap! View the larger version on Flickr


1916. Near where I live there is a super interesting tunnel that you can walk through. it has some lovely wall art on it, although what I wanted to capture today was how overgrown it has become in 98 years. View the larger version on Flickr

Beach Reach

Beach Reach. As I mentioned, the Ipanema beach is incredible. The colours are stunning, the sand is amazing, the water colour is breath taking, you really can't find a nicer beach. Just the dark brown sand mixed against the turquoise water at sunset caught my eye. This is where the lights will pop on and you can surf all night if you wish. View the larger version on Flickr


ELESHBCGK. I'm not sure what this means, but it caught my eye, I had to take a panoramic to fit it in! The colour explosion on the wall art in Brazil is truely amazing. I wish I could have fit in more, and I wish that white car wasn't parked illegally, but hey, it's Brazil. :) View the larger version on Flickr

Ipanema, why would you leave?

Ipanema, why would you leave?. Copacabana gets all the credit as the most touristy beach, but in reality, Ipanema is the better beach. Better surfing, less tourists, these beautiful mountains off to oen side (with a Favela on it). It's hard to compete with this beach. This is the beach we went swimming on. Amazing.. View the larger version on Flickr

Deadly Pot of Gold

Deadly Pot of Gold. Some say there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbo. if that's true, that somewhere in this 44,000 cubic tons of water, per second, there is a pot of gold. I'm not sure you'd live to enjoy it though. There was so much water coming over the falls, that there is a rainbo from sun up to sun down in this area. Such a beautiful view from when you walk out initially on the walkway. View the larger version on Flickr

The Blue Monster

The Blue Monster. Another graffiti shot. Loved the art work in Rio De Janeiro. the colours were explosive, and since the walls were pretty big, the graffiti was larger than life. This is my friend checking out some of the wall, I decided to include him in the shot to show the scale. I also like how he's not looking directly at the camera. What is he looking at? the cars coming and me about to get hit? the wall? waiting for a friend... hard to say, I may have had a few drinks. ;) View the larger version on Flickr

Argentina Iguazu Falls

Argentina Iguazu Falls. Showing my Brazil photos again last night got me thinking how amazing these falls were. I wanted to share another pic I took, this time from the Argentina side. After a walk down the side of the river, we were able to decend right to the river, in fact we even got on a boat!). The day we were in Argetina wasn't all that amazing of a day, in fact it rained so hard it took me 3 days to dry my running shoes! Oh, and we also took a boat into the water falls... :) I liked this shot because of the forground rock formations. The previously posted Iguazu falls pic was up the river on the very left of this picture, where the Brazil side of the falls are. View the larger version on Flickr

Steps made beautiful

Steps made beautiful. 25% of Rio's population lives in a Flavela, or slum area. I had the chance to tour 2 of these locations in the city, and it's pretty sobering what conditions people live in. This particular one didn't have any crime because the rich had built 12 foot walls around it and the crime lords didn't have a secondary escape if needed. Walking around you find some parts that people have done a lot of effort to make it look nice, and others where you have a rats nest of cables. It was super interesting to walk through these places! View the larger version on Flickr

Washing the City Away

Washing the City Away. I'm not sure how many photos I took while swimming in Rio, most of them didn't turn out, since I was mostly trying to just breath and stay closer to shore ( there was a slight undertow). This one is blurry as they come, but I really like how it turned out all the same. The wave crashing above the buildings, the bubble patterns on the wave. Had it been clear, it would have for sure been a magazine cover! View the larger version on Flickr