"That's Not Graffitti" Tunnel (Formerly "Graffitti Tunnel")

Graffiti Tunnel

This tunnel goes under the only train tracks on Vancouver Island near Thetis Lake. The tunnel walls were actually painted by a school project. All the walls are painted, including the roof. I want to come back here in the fall and shoot this with the fall colours as I think it’ll be a colour explosion. View larger size on Flickr.

Technically, this is my first HDR taken from a single RAW image by exporting the RAW file into multi-exposure. I’m happy with how it came out, although I wish the sky wasn’t so grey, but apparently this weekend I can’t do anything about that.

Update: With a stroke of good fortune, I found the artist of this tunnel online, who reminded me it's not Graffitti. His name is Morgan Macaulay. He's an artist in Victoria, BC that paints all sorts of projects, including ones like this one, in the community. I'm happy to give him credit for this beautiful tunnel that I get to walk through a number of times a week. If you're interested in more of his art, check out his webpage here

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Old Amy Usen


On my photo walk in Victoria, I snapped this photo of Amy Usen, across the inner harbour.  Again, I overcooked it as part of my learning of HDR, but for some reason the colours with the old buildings in the back attracted me to this one.  See the large version on Flickr.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Kayak Rental

From the same photo-walk at Fisherman’s Warf I did a few weeks ago.  This Kayak rental place caught my eye.  I guess you could say I’m attracted to the splashes of colour from the kayaks.  Again, this one is “over-cooked” as an HDR, but I’m liking how it turned out.  Larger version on Flickr.
Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The Old Houseboat

The Old HouseboatI took a photo-walk around Fisherman’s Warf in Victoria, BC and caught this awesome house boat that was super colourful.  I used it, among other houseboats to play with my HDR post processing.  I overdid the HDR post processing here such that the picture is super colourful, but I’m really happy with how it turned out this way.  View the Larger Size on Flickr.
Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada