Stairway to ...

Stairway to .... Walking around Dublin Ireland, there was so much interesting detail in the steps and pathways. This one path that caught my attention and when I checked it out, it was less than interesting (a school field) but the path itself left intrigue. View the larger version on Flickr


Crabbing. Out in Sidney, BC, there is a long fishing pier, and this guy happened to be all alone today crabbing. What's interesting is this guy also taught me how to tell the difference between a male and female crab. Can you do that? View the larger version on Flickr

On the Board Walk

On the Board Walk. Put my camera right down on the Sydney Pier on Vancouver Island to take this one. I did a previous shot like this with my phone for my Project365, edited with Instagram and wanted to do it again with my Canon5DMII. I think it turned out just as good, if not a little better. What do you think? View the larger version on Flickr