Water Farm


Staying at a friends house, the run-off and rain caused all of the roads out of the city to flood and be closed by local authorities.  We drove around for some pictures, and an escape route, only to find none.

Taken in Carnation, WA, United States

Powell & Mason Performs


Wandering around San Francisco a few weeks ago, I caught this street performer preparing by the end of trolley line.

Taken in San Francisco, CA, United States.

Boat Path


Snapped this shot while boating

Taken in the Muskoka area, Ontario, Canada

Victoria Parlaments

I took this photo with my new cell phone camera, just walking past the Victoria Parlament buildings.

Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada

Still Water Dock


This was dock was resting in the morning, waiting for all the people to come and play

Taken on Quadra Island, BC, Canada

Victoria Sunset

Walking in Victoria a few weeks ago, the sunset was brilliant, so I thought I would share it.
Taken in Victoria, BC, Canada.