Abandon Trestle

Abandon Trestle. My intent for going to Goldstream national park this weekend was to find this trestle... mission accomplished. After a short 2k hike straight up (at least it seemed that way), I popped out of the forest and found this track running across the valley. Certainly not the biggest trestle on my island, but neat all the same. Hard to get some good shots of it though due to the tree cover near by..

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The Ants View

The Ants View. Train tracks go on forever. As in humans take forever to walk down them. This track I went to in Goldstream park, I didn't even try to find the end. Can you imagine if you're an ant? This would be your view, you would have to just keep walking. I guess that's why ants are tenatious. If they weren't, they wouldn't get anywhere..

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Spring is flowing

Spring is flowing. Went on a hike yesterday to capture a trestle, and on the way up the side of the hill, I found an awesome bridge to enjoy the stream flowing below it. The lighting was perfect to allow for a long exposure quite easily. Thankfully I had my tripod. Edited with Color Efex Pro 4..

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Home for a Rest

Home for a Rest. Another old shot from my trip to Brazil. These boats were out all morning fishing for crabs, and just off screen to the right was the marketplace of these fisherman selling their morning rewards. This was a new editing technique for me as well. I took one of Trey Ratcliff's filters and tried that out, it's almost as he defined it. I modified a few things just a little.

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Closed for the Season

Closed for the Season. When travelling in Argentina we visited the falls, but there had been a record amount of water coming over Iguazu falls, and prior to our getting there, it had destroyed this part of the walkway. As such we weren't allowed past the point where I snapped this photo. I usually don't do black and white since I like the colour pops, but this one worked best for me in Black and white. What do you think?.

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Rollin'. This shot was taken with my gopro stuck to the lower half of the door on my VW GTI. I was driving donw the road and a motorcycle pack happened to pass me. I managed to get this guy pretty square in the image. I was hoping he had a long beard. Oh well....

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Long since abandon

Long since abandon. This lighthouse or tower was on the Argentina side of Iguazu falls w hich I visited summer 2014. I tried a new editing technique on this one, and I like how it gave it a rather abandon, mysterious look..

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Earth curvature from the Hoover Tower

Earth curvature from the Hoover Tower. Was out visiting a friend and we did a quick walk around the Stanford Campus and decided to go up the Hoover Tower. You can see for miles up there. I liked how this panoramic turned out from the iPhone 6. View the larger version on Flickr

The Powell Street Turnaround

The Powell Street Turnaround. I had all but forgotten the Powell street car turn around point. Little did I know it was going to be right outside my hotel. Managed to snap a quick shot before I caught my first Uber ride. View the larger version on Flickr