To the Top of Sugar Loaf

To the Top of Sugar Loaf. Sugar Loaf Mountain was more impressive than Chris the Redeemer in my opinion. And what made it cool was that it's a two stop journey to the top. The first, smaller mountain you get up to actually has amazing views as well, and from there things don't look super small, like you're on an airplane. Instead if just feels like you're really high. We went in the morning, where they say to go later on for the sunset, but that didn't work into our schedule. There was also no line in the morning, which was nice. This is a few from the first mountain, overlooking Sugar Loaf, the cable cars, and off to the left, the smaller local airport (not the international one which is further left and farther away than you can actually see). The other cool thing is that planes destined for this airport actually buzz this mountain on their approach. Very fun to watch. View the larger version on Flickr