#Project365 – One Month Down…

Well, I am one month into the #Project365 (Started July 19th!) and I’m glad I’m doing this.  I’m having more and more fun as the project continues.  I’ve already learnt a ton and I’m very happy to have a forcing function to exercise the creative side of my brain on a daily basis.

I’ve taken over 30 photos at this point.  some that I’m super proud of, and some that I wish I could delete (but I’m not going to!). 

Learning's to date:

  • Don’t rush the photo of the day, keep your eye open.  Capture a moment and think if it’s the right photo for the day
  • Have a back-up plan.  Working from home often leads me to run out of creative Ideas.  So I’ve discovered that if I have a backup photo ready, I get something posted on that day
  • People tend to like creative thinking, and new types of photos.

Of course there are more learning's specific to Instagram (my sharing platform for the #Project365) like:

  • Making sure that I tag my photos appropriately for location and content so they can be found.  This is the fun part as I like to see the likes that come in, and then explore the other person’s photo set.
  • Taking the photo outside of Instagram and then running it through SnapSeed editing prior to importing into Instagram seems to make some more interesting photos and of the highest quality you can get

These are the photos that I took in the last month that I’m most happy with:

The Fog CreepsA Loop Around the Space NeedleGallons and Gallons of WaterThe Abandoned Commuter TrackGood Morning CommonsXK Jag